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Good morning ma. I want to give God all the glory for saving the life of my 3year old daughter. When we were asked to lay hands on our kids,I did without knowing that God actually had this done for my daughter's sake...

I've had a cold on my spine since 2012. I couldn't sleep without a shirt with a fan on. If for any reason I do, the pains are usually terrible. I'll have to stay in the shower with hot water concentrated on my back.

I give God all the praise and glory for healing me of bloothing. Mama made mention of it in one of our PWE meeting and today I remembered that I have not been going through that disgrace since that day.
God has healed me of all from head to toe
Gloryyyyyyyyyy to God forever
Thank you Jesus

As a frontline worker(COVID isolation ICU Doctor), I had a test and I was told it's positive. I was almost gripped with fear but by grace, I was reminded of the perfect peace prophecy above and 2Corinthians 2¹⁴.

I joined the prayer meeting for the first time July 10th. Mummy said there was someone who had chest pains and also mentioned about lumps. I was experiencing the two issues. Just as she gave the word that it will wriggle out speedily.i have come to glorify the name of he Lord.i am healed.praise God.halleluya.

Sir I have been fighting with Smoking Since 2013. I smoke everything smokable then. People have said bad things about me but I kept smoking but I trusted God to help me break the yoke.

I was trusting God for my genotype to change from AS to AA. I carried out the test last Friday morning (10/07/2020). I was scared of going for the result as I was loosing faith.

Last month, for the second time, I had a scan result that showed multiple fibroids and ascites. My husband ran a test and the result showed only 10 percent of his sperm cells as actively motile.

Some weeks back I had inflammation on my left ear, it came with lots of pain and discomfort. I kept praying and speaking God's word over it. It's been on and off and this time I said no to medical medicine.

Thank you again for an awesome time of prayers yesterday ma. I had being having this pain in my right heel for like two days and I couldn't quite put it on the floor. When you gave the word about healing of shin pain, I received it for my heel and by the end of prayers, it had drastically reduced. I woke up this morning with no pain at all! Glory to God!!

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