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The Year 2022 is our Year of DOUBLE HONOUR. The Lord has delivered us from reproach and for our shame He is giving us double (Romans 15:3, Isaiah 61:7). His glory towers over us and His favour makes our wilderness like Eden and our desert like the garden of the Lord. Joy and gladness are found in our midst, thanksgiving and the voice of melody (Psalms 3:3, Isaiah 51:3)


It shall be a year of rising and recovery for the glory of the Lord shall distinguish and restore. Those prostrated by shame shall arise at His light and those depressed and in despair shall receive strength to raise their heads (Isaiah 60:1, Psalms 92:10). The Lord shall comfort His people and restore their desolate places. Whereas you have been hated and forsaken, the Lord shall open portals of honour and cause you to sing the songs of Zion (Isaiah 60:15, 35:10). You shall forget the days of your barrenness and rejoice in the abundance of His mercies (Isaiah 54:1-3, Psalms 66:12).


It shall also be a year of great reversals and mighty deliverances (Psalms 126:1-6, Psalms 32:7). The ambushments of the enemy shall work for your lifting and the mockings of evil men shall turn for your glory (Genesis 50:20, Isaiah 41:10-13). The Lord shall deliver you from your strong enemy and cause you to thrive in the midst of stiff opposition (Psalms 18:17, Psalms 91:14-16). Refuse to be ensnared by the wiles of the evil one (Ephesians 6:10-11, 1 Peter 5:8-11). Resolve to honour the Lord with your substance; sanctify Him in your heart and glorify Him in all your dealings (Proverbs 3:9-10, 1 Peter 3:15, Romans 15:5-6). The tides of evil shall break before you and suddenly turn in your favour (Psalms 46:8-11, Isaiah 59:19). Many will see it and fear; for you will soar while men are struggling and spread while they are stuck (Psalms 40:1-4, Job 22:29).


The King of glory has lighted upon you and He is lifting your head high above the stormy waters of life (Job 29:3, Psalms 18:16, 28). He is hiding you from the scourge of the tongue and delivering you from the strivings of the people (Job 5:21, Psalms 18:43). You shall rise in the face of rumours; spread in the midst of shakings and dance in the season of drought (Job 5:19-23, John 16:33). The Lord shall convert the forces of the gentiles to you and exalt your horn with honour (Isaiah 60:11, Psalms 112:9, John 12:26). You are taking your place in the dynasty of kings and your name is mentioned amongst princes (Isaiah 49:7, Romans 5:17). Nations shall quake before you, potentates shall bow to you and the mighty shall open gates of favour unto you for the Holy One has honoured you (Genesis 27:27-29, Isaiah 45:1-3).


Refuse to think small and refrain from drawing back. The wisdom of the Highest is rising in you to do the impossible for the glory of His kingdom (Ephesians 3:20, Hebrews 10:38-39, Psalms 87:5). This is your finest hour and your season of power. Soar, spread and be settled in this year of DOUBLE HONOUR in Jesus’ Name!



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