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The Year 2023 is our Year of SUPERNATURAL FAVOUR. The Lord has made our aura as that of a blessed field and He is surrounding us with favour as a shield. The dew of heaven attends to us and the fatness of the earth abounds to us (Genesis 27:27-28, Psalms 5:12). He is establishing our hearts in His grace and strengthening our hands with His favour (Hebrews 13:9, Psalms 30:7, 18:34).

It shall be a year of growth and glory.


Revelations shall come with greater depth and inward perceptions shall be stronger and more precise (Isaiah 29:18, Ephesians 1:16-23). God’s own shall experience the dew of daily benefits and the flood of sudden miracles as the angel of the basket turns financial captivity around and increases our fortunes (Psalms 68:19, 66:12; Numbers 11:31). God's people shall eat in plenty and have more than enough to share. The Lord shall show us mercy and we shall not be ashamed (Joel 2:26, 1 Timothy 6:17-18). Great men shall arise from amongst us, moved by the winds of the Spirit and sponsored by the mercies of God (Psalms 71:21, Isaiah 60:22). They shall birth mandates in prayer, lead movements with strength and grow markets with wisdom. They shall change culture and bless humanity as they distill heaven's dew upon the earth and reap earth’s systems for the kingdom (Isaiah 58:12, 66:8, Psalms 2:8, 1333:1-3). The zeal and wisdom of God shall cause them to thrive in unexpected places and rule in the midst of their enemies (Isaiah 9:7, Psalms 110:1-3, 23:5; Romans 12:8).

It shall also be a year of deliverance and dominion.


The Lord shall exempt His own from calamity and turn evil tidings to the seed of miraculous victories (2 Timothy 4:18, Job 5:19, Judges 14:14). By an outstretched arm shall the Lord bend the systems of this world to conform to his will and cause His own to prevail and be at peace (Deuteronomy 26:8, Daniel 4:32, Psalms 91:14-16). His mighty angels shall constrain chieftains and compel chariots to favour us. Thus shall we ascend thrones of power and be established as gatekeepers of cities (Proverbs 21:1, Ezekiel 38:4, Isaiah 45:1-2). Those that beheld men as trees shall see clearly and others that seek to destroy God's beloved in the fiery furnace shall see His terror in

the Fourth Man. By this shall deliverance come to God's people and honour to His beloved (Daniel 3:25, Isaiah 43:2).

It shall also be a year of influence and inheritance.


The weight of divine purpose shall rest upon God’s people with precision and power (Jeremiah 20:19, Job 32:18, Colossians 1:9). Many horns shall be exalted and coasts enlarged as saints walk in their inheritance of faith and step into mantles of the ancients (Numbers 24:8, Psalms 92:10, Isaiah 54:1-2). The compelling force of God’s favour shall loose the loins of kings to open the two-leaved gates of cities and sectors before us (Psalms 105:13-15, Isaiah 45:2). The Lord shall give us an irresistible voice in the land and cause us to reign at the gates of the city. Thus, shall the Gospel grow mightily and prevail as princes triumph in dark places and restore His Name in lost territories (Luke 21:15, Judges 16:3, Zechariah 1:17, Matthew 24:14).

Dare to do big things. Stretch beyond comfort. Behave yourself wisely (Mark 9:23, 1 Samuel 18:14, 2 Timothy 2:15). The Lord of hosts sits exalted atop the ladder of your destiny and His angels are ascending and descending on your behalf (Genesis 28:12-13, John 1:51, Luke 21:18-19). You are running through troops and leaping over walls whilst the Lord bends the forces of time and chance in your favour (Psalms 18:29, Ecclesiastes 9:11). Your season of possibilities has come and help has risen for you from Zion’s Mount. Shout! Dance! Rejoice! For the stars now favour you (Psalms 102:13, 20:1-4, 35:27, Judges 5:20, 1 Thessalonians 5:16). Welcome to goodness and mercy! Welcome to abounding testimonies! Rise, rule and reign in this Year of SUPERNATURAL FAVOUR in Jesus’ Name!

The Visionary

Manifold Grace Ministries

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