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Manifold Grace Ministries is a Gospel proclaiming, Holy Ghost inspired ministry with a vision to lift people into new levels of victory through the teaching of God’s word and the release of the supernatural.


With over three decades in active miracle ministry, the ministry was birthed to serve as a launch pad for the vision God gave The Visionary.

since its birth, the ministry has seen literally thousands of people saved, healed and built up in God’s word as it has remained obedient to the heavenly vision.


The MGM organs include our Great Grace Campaigns (GGC), Immersion (Exclusive and Explosive).

Others include our Out Reach to the NorthEast (ORTNE), Our widely acclaimed New Levels of Victory (NLV) and Prayers with Ebowo (PWE), the praying arm.


To lift believers into new levels of victory via the teaching of the word of faith and the release of the supernatural.



Our sincere love at MGM is what makes a difference in all we do. We are driven and inspired by God's love for, in and through us.

1 Peter 1:22,John 13:34-35


At MGM, we lay hold on the faith of God; like-precious faith.

God's word is our first and final say on any matter.

MARK 11:22-23, Romans 10:17,

Galatians 2:20, 2 Peter 1:1



We have honor for God, His things and His people.

We place a premium on the Anointed and his gifts to the body, counting them worthy of double honor for their labor over God's people.

 We honor all men and women irrespective of class or social status. Our value for people is borne of love.

1 Timothy 5:17, 1 Peter 2:17, James 2:3-4


We are in ministry to serve God's purpose and one major way we do this is by serving his people.

Ministry is people-business.

People are not a means to an end.

People are the reason for God's redemption plan; therefore people are our reason for being.

We serve God and His people in sincerity and enthusiasm, as unto the Lord.

Romans 12:11-13, Colossians 3:22-23, Hebrews 6:10


One of the core anointing The Visionary operates in is the Spirit of Excellence and he imparts it with ease.

We therefore take our definition of excellence from The Visionary; "The ability to produce excellent results consistently."

Excellence is therefore first a spiritual force that propels us to be, think and act in line with God's word and manner of approach, and we submit to the processes and disciplines that defines us, causing us to deliver excellence in all tasks.

​Galatians 6:4 NLT, Daniel 6:3,

Exodus 31:1-6

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